CB Company guarantees the highest quality standards and timely delivery for all customer’s needs. With our strengths, as listed below, we provide many advantages over competitors in the industry.


• Information gathering ability to deploy trend watchers called “ambassadors” in major cities around the world, to grasp cutting-edge fashion trend in a timely manner.


• Planning ability with high sell-through rates. Well-established workflow of design led product planning that matches customer’s need with high sell-through rates, backed by cutting-edge information aggregated to the design office in London.


• Production line enabling short delivery period. Business relationship with some 100 material manufacturers and some 80 sewing factories in Turkey boasting a textile industry.


• Strategic alliance with representative manufacturers of apparel and Life Style products in Turkey and nearby countries which enables a short-time delivery accommodating to sales conditions and a dispersion of risk.


• Strong relationship with European SPAs. With its proven performance to create many hot-selling products every season, Saide has established strong relationship with European SPAs and keeps stable deals with them.